Houses on films and TV. How often have you gone to the cinema and have loved the house the characters lived in? Or watching your favourite TV series have you wondered if the house you saw was real? In this new post we will have a look at some marvellous residences that have appeared on the screen both on films and on the TV. Some of them are real mansions, some others are really modest, but all of them have some magic… They are all real, though not all of them are still standing nowadays, but you may get some ideas for your first design…  

  In this post we are going to review the ten most innovative and stunning houses designed by world-known architects. All of them, in accordance to their own authors and transgressive with the rules of their time, represent the best in single-family architecture around the world.  They also share a special connection with Nature, forming a part of their environment and connecting the interior and the exterior as a whole. Take a look at them and see if they give you any ideas for your project!  

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