Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid)

About This Project

This is a detached single family home. It has three bedrooms, kitchen, living-dining room, three bathrooms and a garage. Total built surface: 402 square metres, divided into ground floor and semi-basement floor.

The façade is made of grey-colour single layer mortar, with a black slate stone skirting board. The roof has black mixed ceramic roof tiles to give a contrast in colours.  Top features include back side, with a glass walls curtain-wall-type façade, the long terrace and the design rail in steel and high resistant double glass layer.

All the rooms are in the ground floor, facing south, getting some incomparable views and a natural climate control both in summer and in winter due to the 1.5 metre-long corbel above the terrace. Semi-basement floor is used only for garage.

House kind

Detached Single Family Home


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