Villanueva de la Torre (Guadalajara)

About This Project

This is a semi-detached single family home. It is attached to the adjoining building on the south. It has three bedrooms, kitchen, living-room, two bathrooms and a garage. Total built surface: 122 square metres, arranged in one single floor.

The façade shows a lot of movement, due to its geometry and volumes. The corners were used to put the windows, to get a panoramic view from the Eastern façade.

In order to block the heat coming from the Western façade, considering it would affect to the three bedrooms, smaller windows are displayed on that side.

The façade is made of light-coloured exposed brick with a Stone skirting board. Inside, the rooms are arranged around a central hall with zenith lightning coming from a skylight on the ceiling among the bedrooms.

House kind

Semi-Detached Single Family Home

Under Construction

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